About Our Services

As a service-oriented business, Allcom supplies and supports high value communications and electronic equipment for a range of markets. Allcom also provides maintenance and support services to a range of customers in the commercial business sector. It provides support to systems and products already delivered and in service with the company’s clients. It also undertakes third party maintenance & support activities.

We currently provide the following services to a range of customers:

  • Installation and de-installation of 2-way radio equipment for fleet vehicles and machinery
  • Supply and installation of new telemetry radio solutions
  • Routine maintenance for both radio and telementry systems as required
  • Performance of annual maintenance and proof-of–performance checks
  • Radio coverage checks
  • Re-location of equipment
  • Quality supervision of discrete works
  • Our broad base of solution customers include, but are not limited to:

    • Department of Fire and Emergency Services

    • Department of Industry and Resources

    • Department of Environment and Conservation

    • Western Australia Police

    • Department of Fisheries

    • Rio Tinto Exploration

    • Rio Tinto Iron Ore

    • City of Melville

    • Chevron Texaco

    • Bluescope Steel

    • Tempo Group of Companies

    • Coates Hire

    • Southern Gateway Alliance

    • Ausdrill Limited

    • BHP Billiton Iron Ore

    • Southern Gateway Alliance

    • Downer EDI Infrastructure

    • Komatsu

    • Terrex Mining

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